I'm a software engineer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (2012).

I love mentoring, sharing knowledge, doing a bit of everything, and excel at working full-stack with web technologies.

This is my portfolio where I gather random bits and pieces. I hope you find something useful in my attempt to fight digital sharecropping. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I occasionally blog

Addressing Client/Server Compatibility in tRPC

July 12, 2023 • 4 minute read

One of the main selling points of tRPC is "End-to-end typesafe APIs made easy", but this doesn't hold if you are not mindful about keeping your client/server versions in sync.

Beyond Bug-Squashing: Start Improving Your System

April 30, 2021 • 4 minute read

My mental model for fixing bugs boils down to a 4 step process with a strong focus on improving safety nets.

Guidelines for Better Pull Requests

August 12, 2020 • 4 minute read

7 tips and tricks for better pull requests to improve the feedback you get on your work and elevate the overall quality of the code and product.

Migrating from Flow to TypeScript using flow-to-ts

February 09, 2020 • 5 minute read

Over the last couple of years, I have been migrating several codebases from Flow to TypeScript with minimal effort. In this post, I will describe my motivation and the approach I would recommend.

Software Engineering Principles

January 13, 2020 • 5 minute read

A list of the high-level principles and beliefs that I operate by when building software. Lots of links and references.

Converting an app to React Native — How to get started

April 13, 2018 • 8 minute read

Tips and tricks on tooling, navigation, and libraries when getting into React Native development. Especially relevant for native mobile developers approaching React Native.

Type safe CSS Modules with Flow

June 21, 2017 • 2 minute read

CSS Modules + Flow = type safety and editor autocompletion. Introducing a few open source projects to help you with type safety and editor autocompletion.

React PropTypes to Flow codemod

April 11, 2017 • 3 minute read

I’m presenting how to automatically convert your existing codebase using React PropTypes to use more powerful Flow annotations.

Abandoning the mothership

December 16, 2015 • 6 minute read

It was time to pour into our front-end code the same poison we gave our back-end systems, splitting it all apart into maintainable chunks. Our vision was to make each feature team at issuu.com own, build and deploy its front-end code autonomously—and to make things that ought to be trivial actually trivial!

I enjoy giving talks

A journey into React Native development 🌴

Copenhagen React Meetup at Leo Innovation Lab (May 2019)

Summing up 2+ years of learnings from my journey into the React Native jungle. How to get started? What to be aware of? Lessons learned and battles fought.

Making open source my new year’s resolution

Tech festival (September 2017)

My motivation for making contributing to open source software my new year’s resolution in 2017. Hopefully, this will motivate people to do the same thing.

type safety + front-end code =

Copenhagen.js Meetup at issuu.com (June 2017)

A brief motivation for the importance of static type safety in larger codebases. Comparison of different static type-checkers options for front-end code: TypeScript, Flow, Reason, Elm. Trade-offs and recommendations.

An introduction to automated refactoring with JavaScript codemods 👾

Copenhagen.js Meetup (December 2016)

Short and practical introduction to codemods. They are "scripted search and replace" and super useful for automation and refactoring.

Rethinking front-end development at issuu.com

At the Frontend Conference (May 2016)

As frameworks come and go and best practices see constant change, it is increasingly challenging to make confident decisions about client-side code. We present our experiences in search for the right abstractions and architecture optimized for change. We also elaborate on how selecting the React ecosystem for our stack improved our workflow and product quality, as well as examine problems we faced.

Evaluating a year working with React & Redux

React and Redux Copenhagen Meetup (April 2016)

After using React since early 2015 it was time to evaluate the first year. Where did we come from? What improvements to our codebase did React introduce? Based on learnings from issuu.com.

I contribute to open source

I'm a strong advocate for giving back to the open source software community, that I depend on to do my job and projects.


I play & record music